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Dying Somalis and Disagreeing Leaders Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region 3 MIDEAST QATAR ARAB SUMMIT President Sharif on a wagon carrying money and guns Kalabaydh (Somaliland/Somalia) - Rural Somalia Feels like Rain chicago-Shariif shariif with qadafi ould abdalla President Sharif Ahmed and  sharif Hassan sharif two shariifs cumara Beauty 8 SHARIF and TFG Hypocrisy Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin), Meles Zenawi and members of Somali parliament President Sharif's large delegation leaving Somalia President is holding a plane and describing how he enjoys when it takes off while Al-Shabab are fighting on the ground and watching him. Sharif Ahmed should be told to stay Somalia fight against Al Shabab and to limit  his never ending flights. President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton President Sharif Ahmed Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) President Sharif Ahmed Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Minister from Sharif's government Aweys vs Sharif A minister from Sharif's government President Sharif Ahmed and Hassan Dahir Awey Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin) and President Sharif Ahmed Walad Abdalla - Somalia UN Envoy, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid, President Sharif Ahmed somaliangirls knaaaan hands up Somalian Wild Ass Business silhouettes with waving flag of Somalia
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