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A Camel grazing in Goldogob, Somalia `492 SOMALIA: worlds largest refugee camp keeps growing! pls help before its too late Camels in Goldogob Stopping for a traveller on the Road 2 Balisoofe Town, Goldogob Region 3 Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed, Somali people, Hassan Dahir Aweys President Sharif Ahmed and Hillary Clinton President Sharif, Xisbul Islam,Shabab and Ahlu Sunnah President Sharif sitting on chair on piles of money President Sharif Ahmed Aweys vs Sharif President Sharif Ahmed A minister from Sharif's government RELIEF MHB_irc hagadera-26 Women in Somalia have been forced to bear the brunt of the drought now taking place in the Horn of Africa region. The United Nations has delcared famine in two areas in the south of the country. People are migrating back to the Somalian capital of Mogadishu in response to the famine taking place in at least two regions of the Horn of Africa nation. The UN has urged assistance. Dying Somalis and Disagreeing Leaders Sharif carrying hiw well know bag and bribing Somali law makers Eid Day in Goldogob - 2010 Goldogob City Sharif Sakiin with Walad Abddala ( A Qat trader and driver who never attended schoold and does not speak any language Clinton and Sharif Ban Ki-Moon with  Sharif Jengeli with Najaad President is holding a plane and describing how he enjoys when it takes off while Al-Shabab are fighting on the ground and watching him. Sharif Ahmed should be told to stay Somalia fight against Al Shabab and to limit  his never ending flights. President Sharif and Aweys and Al-Shabab knaaaan lets get this started
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