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Somalia Al Qaida and Al Shabab President Sharif travelling AMISOM Al Shabab and Somali public President Shariif and Palestinian President President Sharif in France AMISOM and Bakaaraha Shelling Sharif Sakiin with Walad Abddala ( A Qat trader and driver who never attended schoold and does not speak any language Shariif with Hillary Clinton ARABS-SUMMIT MIDEAST EGYPT SOMALIA SHARIF AT CSIS chicago-Shariif President Sharif walking on red carpet while Somalis are dying President on a plane President in Qatar President Sharif with Javier Solana shariif with qadafi Presdent Sharif with Rwanda President Sharif with yuweri MIDEAST QATAR ARAB SUMMIT Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Somali President Sheikh Sharif sh-shariif-iyo-muwai-kibaki Clinton and Sharif shariif and zenawi Ban Ki-Moon with  Sharif Sharifk in London Jengeli with Najaad Jengeli with Najaad Sharif shariif and brown
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