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Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed, Somali people, Hassan Dahir Aweys Al Shabab and President Sharif, sitting on the back of AMISOM peacekeeper, are secretly cooperating with each other while Somali people are crying President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif, Xisbul Islam,Shabab and Ahlu Sunnah President Sharif sitting on chair on piles of money President Sharif and Aweys and Al-Shabab AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab, President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed, AMISOM, Hassan Dahir Aweys, Al-Shabab Shariif Ahmed (Sakiin), President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed President Sharif Ahmed and Hassan Dahir Awey Walad Abdalla - Somalia UN Envoy, Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid, President Sharif Ahmed `258 flag Business silhouettes with waving flag of Somalia Goldogob General Library IMG_0082 IMG_0077 IMG_0075 IMG_0073 IMG_0061 IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0056 Jusef IMG_9505 IMG_9497 Somalian 2004 1 dollar cobber nickel and silver red guitars BBVC : Somalian Pirates vs Divers with High Pressure Water Hose! (overview) BBVC : Somalian Pirates vs Superman (with improved costume) (closeup)
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