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Workshop in Darfur, Nov. 2008

Workshop in Darfur, Nov. 2008

Source: Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD)

HD has undertaken extensive humanitarian mediation with the opposition movements in Darfur since 2004. It provided formal humanitarian support to the African Union/United Nations (AU/UN) Mediation in Darfur at their request in 2007 through an analysis of the humanitarian gaps in the previous Abuja peace process, and has subsequently facilitated roundtable discussions with representatives of the main opposition movements, in Darfur and elsewhere.

Through roundtable discussions, which began in 2010, HD has highlighted the humanitarian needs of these populations, which led to UN and agency project support in essential areas, such as health and water supplies. This served as a valuable confidence-building measure between the nomad representatives and the UN and opened a channel for dialogue with an important group who had not been directly engaged in formal mediation activities before.

Read more about HD's Humanitarian Mediation Programme here:

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Photo prise le 9 décembre 2008 (© The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue / Flickr)

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