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Sahra Abdillahi Mohamed, 12 (yellow), her sister Ifrah Abdillahi Mohamed, 15 (red/green) and their second cousin Zainab Hussein Jama, 14 (green/blue) collect water from a shallow well outside the town of Suuqsade in Somaliland. After 4 consecutive seasons of failed rains over 3 years Somaliland is now experiencing a drought on a scale not seen since 2011 and is on the verge of famine. The town of Suuqsade is one of the locations that have benefitted from support by CARE resilience project, this shallow well of 5 metres deep has recently been rehabilitated. Before the drought they were able to collect water near their home every day taking 30 mins from their local well that has gone dry. Now they have to come to this well it takes them 5 hours every day. It is the only source of water for 60kms and has sustained 400 families in addition to the permanent residents through this recent critical drought period.

CARE International has helped over 300,000 people since the drought situation became critical in October 2016, 200,000 of which have received water assistance. This region is now in a critical life-saving situation, visual documentation is key for CARE International's advocacy in order to get immediate fund-raising and support, and in the longer term to help with prevention and resilience.

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Photo taken on 20 March 2017 (© GeorginaGoodwin / Flickr)

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