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Mohamud Nuur Hussein’s (91) wife has fallen sick from a drought related illness and in the closest urban centre seeking help. They have 14 children and about 60 grandchildren. Before the drought they used to eat 3 times a day and didn’t need anything. Now they rely on the voucher distributed by ADRA Canada.

Severe drought in Somalia has caused many families to lose their crops and livestock. Pastoralists who have lost all their livestock have come to South West State in search of food, putting additional strain on available resources.

Through Foodgrains Bank member ADRA Canada, 1,000 households (about 6,000 people) are receiving monthly food vouchers to buy food at local shops, as well as cash vouchers to purchase additional food in local markets.

This project is also receiving financial support from Canadian Lutheran World Relief and The United Church of Canada.

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Photo taken on 12 June 2017 (© Canadian Foodgrains Bank / Flickr)

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