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Operation United Shield_050

Operation United Shield_050

Operation United Shield was the codename of the multinational military operation that was conducted 9 January 1995 to 3 March 1995. Commanded by the United States, the Combined Task Force (CTF) comprising the navies of Pakistan, Italy and the United States were tasked with to ensure the safe evacuation of all United Nations Peacekeeping troops, combining the armies of United Kingdom, Pakistan, France, Malaysia, and the United States including the U.S. Marines, from Somalia. The six USN combatant vessels assisted by the two Italian and two Pakistan Navy combatant vessels, successfully evacuated the UN forces from Somalia and successfully executed the operation after securing the tactical and strategic objectives of the course of mission.

Operation United Shield assisted the withdrawal of United Nations peacekeeping troops from Somalia. The decision came in response to a long-standing U.N. request for American protection of its peacekeeping forces serving in the war-torn African nation. On 03 March 1995, after two years and $2 billion, the United Nations concluded its withdrawal from Somalia. Under the protective cover of a seven-nation task force, 2,500 Pakistani and Bangladeshi peacekeepers completed their withdrawal and began their journey home. About 1,800 US Marines and 350 Italian Marines landed on 01 March to safeguard the movement. The 73-hour operation was successful. The Marines' return marked the second landing in Somalia in 27 months.

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Photo prise @ Mogadishu le 28 février 2015 (© RGL_Photography / Flickr)

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