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Operation ALTAIR

Operation ALTAIR

On January 7 2008, while patrolling off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden, HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN came across stranded Somali fisherman who ran out of fuel, water and food. After rendering them assistance with their needed commodities, the fisherman were on their way.

Her Majestyís Canadian Ship (HMCS) Charlottetown was deployed on Operation ALTAIR (Roto 3), Canadaís maritime contribution to the continuing United States led campaign against terrorism known as Operation Enduring Freedom.

Under the Command of Commander Patrick St-Denis and with a crew of 250 Officers and sailors, including a CH-124 Sea King helicopter detachment, HMCS Charlottetown was conducting surveillance patrols and maritime interdiction operations to control sea-based activity in the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea. HMCS Charlottetown was also assigned to monitor shipping, escort commercial vessels, and help detect, deter and protect against terrorist activities to bring long term stability to the area.

Throughout the deployment, HMCS Charlottetown also conducted port visits designed to reinforce established regional relations and demonstrate Canada's ongoing commitment to international security.

Credit: Cpl Robert LeBlanc, Formation Imaging Services, Halifax, NS

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Photo prise le 7 janvier 2008 (© I Digress Butt.... / Flickr)

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