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I accosted Nasra as she was leaving a shop. She had just bought a bunch of flowers and I wondered who they were for. I could feel a “no” coming on and she started telling me how she would really like to help me out but couldn’t as she had people waiting for her, but in the end I managed to sway her my way and we headed quickly to a side street. Sylvia held her flowers while we took a few frames.

Nasra’s exotic looks are the result of Indonesian & Somalian parents. She is a singer and music producer and I think is a bit older than she looks. I found her to be confident and friendly as we chatted about music for a while, but as she had people waiting for her I didn’t keep her too long.

BTW.. the flowers were for herself!

I chose this particular frame as it’s slightly wider showing more and because I really like her expression.

Thanks Nasra for contributing to the Human Family Project.

This is portrait #23 in my Human Family project.
Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at The Human Family Group

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Photo prise @ Sydney le 13 août 2016 (© Peter Grifoni / Flickr)

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