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Limit(less) Project: Abdi

Limit(less) Project: Abdi

Abdi: Gay Somali Asylum Seeker (Shot in Umeå, Sweden)

"Because I am Muslim in my country. My family they don’t like me to be gay, and Somalia also, they don’t like it. That’s why I moved. My brother called the police and the religious groups and that’s why I had to run. In our law in Somalia, when you are gay they can charge you with death.

I’m happy that I’m gay from Africa. There was a time when I wasn’t, when I was living in Somalia.

I feel free, I feel can do my feelings to be a gay. Because when I lived in Somalia it was forbidden. And here in Sweden I feel free in my feelings. But not in the government of Sweden, they want to send me back to Somalia because they think I’m not gay.

I am free in my feeling, but as I said for [Swedish] immigration I am not free. I feel like in the chains.

I was scared all the time in Somalia, but I feel like [Sweden] closed everything to me. I cannot go to work, I cannot go to school. I cannot buy [cigarettes]. It’s so difficult.
I don’t want to come back to Somalia, and I know that I can never come back there. If I come back Somalia I will be killed, I know that. Al-Shabab and religious groups."

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Photo prise le 21 septembre 2017 (© mowunna / Flickr)

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