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Ethiopian coffee available

Ethiopian coffee available

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is not like other coffees. It has a distinctively fruity flavour profile and a bright, floral aroma. It is consistently ranks among the best coffee in the world, and certainly the among the best in Ethiopia itself. It's widely considered to be from the birthplace of coffee. Ethiopia is the motherland of all Arabica coffee. When coffee was taken to other countries, people had to find ways to adapt it to the local climate. That’s Arabica coffee grows best in places that have climates similar to that of Ethiopia: mountainous, tropical, with moderate wet and dry seasons.

Selam Vegan is a 100% vegan Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant at 812b Bloor St near Ossington Subway/Green P in Toronto. 647-344-7225. Learn more: selamvegan.com

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Photo taken @ Toronto on 17 April 2019 (© perorestaurant / Flickr)

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