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Ethiopian coffee available

Ethiopian coffee available

Frankincense is made from dried tree sap. It's been used since ancient times to increase one's mental clarity and cleanses a room. It purifies air by reducing its microbial count. It may also help with depression and anxiety.

The traditional way of burning this incense is to heat it over a hot charcoal disc as see here.

82% of the product comes from Somalia, with some frankincense also gathered in adjacent Southern Arabia and Ethiopia, Sudan, and other central African countries. Though it is better known as "frankincense" to westerners, the resin is also known as olibanum, or in Arabic al-lubān (‏لبان‎, roughly translated: "that which results from milking"), a reference to the milky sap tapped from the Boswellia tree.

Selam Vegan is a 100% vegan Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant at 812b Bloor St near Ossington Subway/Green P in Toronto. 647-344-7225. Learn more: selamvegan.com

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Photo taken @ Toronto on 17 April 2019 (© perorestaurant / Flickr)

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