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Armed groups in CAR, 2006

Armed groups in CAR, 2006

Source: Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD)

In 2007, Central African Republic (CAR) President Bozizé promoted an All-Inclusive Political Dialogue (AIPD) process to reconcile the many political and armed entities throughout the country, and signed peace pacts with two rebel groups. Following an assessment in July 2007, and the outcome of a meeting (‘Réunion de Concertation’) chaired by HD in Bangui the following month, the President requested HD ‘s help in organising the AIPD process and in tackling political, economic and social conditions in the country as a whole.

Read more about HD's work in the Central African Republic here: www.hdcentre.org/activities/central-african-republic-2/

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Photo taken on 20 January 2006 (© The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue / Flickr)

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