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UN Women programme launch in Hargeysa, March 2014

UN Women programme launch in Hargeysa, March 2014

UN Women programme launch in Hargeysa, March 2014

UN Women programme launch in Hargeysa, March 2014

One of the former interns now works as an accountant at a local supermarket

Graduation ceremony for vocational skills trainees in Borama

A Teenage Boy Using An Electric Mill In A Flour Workshop, Boorama, Somaliland

An Advertisement Bilboard For Jubba Airways, Boorama, Somaliland

Two Teenage Girls Wearing Orange And Red Hijabs Laughing At The Camera On A Street, Boorama, Somaliland

Young Man Wearing A Red Shirt Cooking Red Meat Outdoors, Boorama, Somaliland

Mosque Ruins, Zeila, Somaliland

New Mosque And Minaret, Zeila, Somaliland

A Nomad Woman Carrying A Bottle Of Camel Milk In The Desert, Berbera Area, Somaliland

Paintings Depicting Cows, Laas Geel Rock Art Caves, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Passengers Disembarking Of An Ilyushin 18 Plane, Hargeisa Airport Arrival, Somaliland

A man Is Standing On Top Of A Land Turtle Shell, Hargeisa, Somaliland

An Abandoned Russian Tank In The Desert Near Berbera, Somaliland

Old Ottoman Empire House, Berbera Area, Somaliland

The Corner Of A Mosque With Loudspeakers, Burao, Somaliland

Mountain Landscape Of The Burao Area, Burao, Somaliland

Driving Through The Desert Between Berbera And Zeila, Berbera Area, Somaliland

Aqal Soomaali, A Somali Hut, Lughaya Area, Somaliland

A Belt Buckle With A Dollar Sign, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Portrait Of A Policewoman Standing At Attention, Hargeisa, Somaliland

Women Shopping For Food At Hargeisa Market, Somaliland

Children In The Door Of A Ruined Former Ottoman Empire House, Berbera Area, Somaliland

Close Up Black And White Portrait Of A Smiling Young Woman, Berbera, Somaliland

Young Woman With Qasil On Her Face Posing In Front Of The Ruins Of Burao Technology Institute, Burao, Somaliland

Young Girl Throwing Water Outside The Doorway Of A Painted Door House, Burao, Somaliland

One Man With Two Camels, Hargeisa Livestock Market, Somaliland

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