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Darole Square

MiG-17 Jet Memorial

Border Crossing

Rock Outcrop

Overhang with Rock Art


Human and Bovine

Human with Dog


Rock Art

Surrounding Desert

Entrance to Las Geel

Sea Eye Ship


Acquarius Ship illustration

Water tank (and little child hiding behind) in Borama

Street vendors in Borama

Borama town center

DSC_0119 Jasmine from Somalia Sunday Lunch Shoreditch London

DSC_0132 Jasmine from Somalia and Paola from Ethiopia Sunday Lunch Shoreditch London

Street sellers in Borama

Goats' shed

Shops in Borama

Garbage everywhere in Borama

Goats roaming in the street

Toyota 4WD in the street of Borama

Goat sheds

Charcoal sellers

Camel in Borama

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