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Our local GPS: nomadic people - Zeila Somaliland Joy of the day (like every day): Qat has arrived! Somaliland Baligubadle woman - Somaliland Kid throwing water in Burao streets - Somaliland Money changers in Somaliland Hargeisa meat market decoration - Somaliland Coming back from the well in Degehabur  - Somaliland Balligubadlle women - Somaliland Hargeisa kid - Somaliland Baligubadle city center - Somaliand Presidents of Somaliland Kat made him mad - Somaliland Hargeisa animal market: counting the shillings  - Somaliland Hargeisa animal market - Somaliland Hargeisa teenage - Somaliland Boroma qat seller - Somaliland Somali nomad carrying camel new born  - Somaliland Berbera streets - Somaliland Proud of Somaliland in Burao Kids playing in the Berbera ruins - Somailand Laas Geel rock art - Somaliland Old woman in red near Berbera - Somaliland Salt from Zeila area - Somaliland Dollar is the King in Somaliland Berbera mosque - Somaliland
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