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Used wheelbarrows for sale

Market day in Borama

Darole Square

Border Crossing

Overhang with Rock Art

Goats roaming in the street

Charcoal sellers

Tuktuk in the streets of Borama

Goat shed in Borama

Eid-el-Fitr prayer

Eid-el-Fitr prayer


Rich and poor in Borama


Jama's courtyard

Busy street in the town, Woqooyi Galbeed region, Hargeisa, Somaliland

ruins - Berbera

girl - Berbera

man - Berbera



Between Kalabaydh and Tog Wajaale (Somaliland/Somalia) - Road conditions

Hargeysa (Somaliland/Somalia) - Landmark MiG

city center

coffee cup

Planche à biffetons

Et on oubliera les ordures ! - And we shall forget the garbage!

La vie à Hargeisa - Life in Hargeisa


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