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A run down metal house made from corrugated iron painted in green, Awdal region, Zeila, Somaliland Family building a somali hut called aqal in the desert, Awdal region, Lughaya, Somaliland Young Woman Wearing Black Niqab Portrait Boorama Somaliland Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Sunset Sunset Valley Somaliland_Mar17_0590 Somaliland_Mar17_0769 Portrait of a somali girl, Awdal region, Zeila, Somaliland Cheetahs at Rays Hotel Amoud University Rainbow in Borama Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Streets at night I love the Aloog mountains Beautiful view, the Saw mountain looms in the background Qoorgaab riverbed View from the peak of a mountain The Money Man Xuunshalay, Gabilay Love seeing kids with Juve tops ;) Seeraha iyo jawi roob le Above the valleys Amazing view of the mighty Sow mountain Sheikh Ali Jowhar neighbourhood Sunset Sunset over Sheed dheer, Borama Daaqada Borama
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