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MiG-17 Jet Memorial

Rock Outcrop

Overhang with Rock Art



Human and Bovine

Rock Art

Old renovated ottoman house, Sahil region, Berbera, Somaliland

The Oldest Cities In Africa

Foreign Legion

Roaming goat

Goat perched on a car

Goat perched on a car

Delicious dishes

Used wheelbarrows for sale

A tuktuk stop in Borama

Market day in Borama

A foretaste of Hell on Earth

Borama town center


Darole Square

Boy coming from the shop

Someone's building plot

Street vendors in Borama

Tuktuk in the streets of Borama

Camel in the streets of Borama

Masha Allaah Money Exchange, Borama

A qat (khat) stall in Borama

Tuktuk in Borama

Donkeys in the streets of Borama

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