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Somaliland, 2012

Marso furniture workshop

Fast car and khat stand

Khat stands and fast car

Money changer's cabinet

Veiled woman and cars

camel market - my guides 2

camel market - one goat, two goats

camel market - animals everywhere 1

mosque minaret

Las Geel Neolithic rock painting 9

Las Geel Neolithic rock painting 7

Las Geel Neolithic rock painting 3

Street of Hargeisa 2

Red Line

This is My Home

Irakian man demonstrating in front of IND in Den Bosch

Muslim Graves Pile Of White Stones In Berbera Area Somaliland

Clean Water Project (Berket) in Elafweyne District

Somali Protestors in Whitehall

Madhyar shopping center and Wargane and Al Najax shops

Hargesia National Travel & Tourism Agency

Small shop next to the presidential palace

Permanently parked

Najax shop

Bricked up bush

Gates for sale

Hargesia street photography

Hargesia street photography

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