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Refugee girl in Lughaye thru Iphone Hipstamatic Somaliland

Refugee girl in Lughaye  thru Iphone Hipstamatic Somaliland

In many villages, I ve seen little refugees camps in the neighborhood. Those people have not enough money to build a house so they live like nomadic people.
This is what people explained me.
Reportedly the worst one in sixty years, the drought that currently affects the horn of Africa already lead millions of people from most-affected Somalia to flee to neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia. Although this time the catastrophe owes to particularly bad weather condition (a succession of very hot seasons and flash floods with very scarce water in 2011) to have reached this extent, this kind of climate change patterns have already been observed over the past few years. Combined to socio-economic factors –like livestock overgrazing, deforestation and poor cropping methods, broadly used by agro-based African population– it has disastrous effects on the natural environment, that reflect in food security, human health and economic activity.
Several international organizations, as well as countries of the European Union and the rest of Africa have already brought their help to those affected by starvation. Let’s recall that food and water shortages are frequent in Somali Al-Shabaab rebel-controlled areas. However, the latent warfare that Somalia has been experiencing for several years remains an important cause of famine.

© Eric Lafforgue

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Photo prise @ Lughaye le 21 novembre 2011 (© Eric Lafforgue / Flickr)

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