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Mother of God Icon, Russia

Mother of God Icon, Russia

"The icon depicting the Mother of God and the Christ child with cheek to cheek, picture means tenderness"...from notes on Pilgrimage to Russia, 1988

United States Foreign Aid:
In 2012 alone the USA gave $2.24 billion to Afghanistan, $.97 billion to Pakistan, $.48 billion to Jordan, $.45 billion to Ethiopia, $.31 billion to Haiti, $.31 billion to Kenya, $.28 billion to Iraq, $.24 billion to the Democratic Republic of Congo, $.22 billion to Uganda, $.21 billion to Tanzania, $.20 billion to Somalia, $.20 billion to the West Bank of Gaza, .19 billion to Ghana, $.18 billion to Bangladesh, $.18 billion to Colombia, $.17 billion to Indonesia, $.16 to Liberia, $.16 billion to Yemen, $.16 billion to Mozambique and $.15 billion to India in aid.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Kyiv le 1 août 1988 (© EX22218 - ON/OFF / Flickr)

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