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Money changer's cabinet

Money changer's cabinet

The Somaliland shilling requires big pockets to carry around.

Khat / qat is an integral part of Somali culture - it comes in fresh three times a day by fast car from Ethiopia and is sold from a panoply of small green stands like this one. Hargeisa has at least a hundred of these outlets. Some stands carry numbers and inventive names.

Hargeisa (Arabic: هرجيسا‎) is the capital of the state Somaliland and the second largest city in Somalia.

These photos are a small side-project from a field mission documenting the work of the Finnish NGO Physicians for Social Responsibility - specifically their long-running effort around TB in Somalia.

P.S. It is not uncommon for words in Somali to have several different spellings in English [e.g. Hargeysa / Hargaysa].

P.P.S. If you've got appetite for more Africa then do see this collection.

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Photo prise @ Hargeysa le 15 février 2012 (© @michaelambjorn / Flickr)

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