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This guy makes metal doors which are everywhere in Borama. There are quite a few workers at this place and they do all the work outside so you can see it. Very friendly and open to us taking their pictures. I love the sparks!

Borama excerpt from my Somaliland article:

Eventually, the spirit of adventure overcomes the addiction to comfort and I set off. Two hours into the drive, I stop for an exploration and overnight in Borama. The city is host to an impressive grain market, a short-tented bazaar, a metal door workshop, and a nice hotel with free wifi. Every business is easily identified by the custom paintings on the outside walls: fish and spaghetti for a restaurant, a giant tooth for the dentist, medicine for pharmacists. The storeowners happily pose for pictures with one barber even calling a kid over to shave for the sake of the photo. Blaring speakers lure me to an English Premier League football viewing hall where inexplicably, there are two identical televisions side-by-side, screening the exact same match. I continue my wandering when out of nowhere the police pull up. After a few minutes of questioning, they “invite” me to get into the car. Dropping me off at the hotel, one officer explains that there are gangs of thieves quick to snatch my camera, so I need my escort. I wait for Farah’s return from his afternoon khat chewing, before I continue exploring.

(plus d'infos...)

Photo prise @ Boorama le 19 novembre 2011 (© Constantine Savvides / Flickr)

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