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You can't go back to the past. ノンちゃん Taking a pose・・・ Somali Wild Ass (Equus africanus) Welcome to Rays Hotel, Borama Cheetahs at Rays Hotel Cheetahs at Rays Hotel Bananas growing at Rays Hotel Wildlife at Rays Hotel Sunset at Rays Hotel Part of the green city The well known Rays Hotel Rainbow in Borama Beautiful sunset clous Under a midhaa midhi tree (Schinus Molle) Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Abu Huraira Mosque Central Borama View of the Kayd mountain DSC_3115 Amoud University The Xaasley mountains Acacia The well known Sharlagandi mountain Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Flowers at Haldoor Hotel Haldoor Hotel I love the Aloog mountains Beautiful view, the Saw mountain looms in the background Qoorgaab riverbed Sunset
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