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November Skies save_the_branch After a very good tiring day cracked beauty Portsmouth Methodist Church retreat Midnight Moon Ynyscrag Island Lemon Island Those Flowers Go Island View  (Velvia 100) Little man will grow up The caresses are as necessary to the life of the feelings as the leaves are to the trees. Without them, love dies by the root Tallgrass prairie with wheel ruts and low dark clouds Sun Setting Through the Trees A Young Tree Growing Out of Solid Rock Crying Girl Ottobrunn besteht aus Einsamkeit eccentric orbits Olha Early Dogwood rural_church_in_baragan Westward Gaze Storm at Cordwood Island Silhouette of a teen in a tunnel Tree and Hay bales Rapids Along the Hawlings River Sun Zinging Through the Trees Fox Meadow Illuminated by the Setting Sun Trees and Fence Tree in Fog
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