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Swimming Tracks in Panama 3rd Locks

Swimming Tracks in Panama 3rd Locks

The M113A1 is exiting the unfinishd third locks of the Panama Canal. The track commander (TC) is SPC Lawson. We would swim the tracks before returning to garrison to wash the Panamanian jungle mud off and to exercise a capability of the M113 series to swim. All swimmable vehicles were required to swim, including Gamma-Goats. For some reason I recieved the dubious honor of supervising the company swim with the remainder of leadership returned to garrison to "prepare" for the companies arrival. The third locks were an uncompleted canal project from 1939-1942 and they were basically just a long lake. The capabilty exercised was that if we could swim these locks we could swim the canal, defeating any attempts at blocking our movement at the bridges. Unit is Mortar Platoon, ACo 4th Battalion (Mechanized) 20th Infantry Regiment. Dated some time in 1982.

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Photo prise @ Fuerte Claiton le 4 novembre 2009 (© airborneshodan / Flickr)

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