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Weißbrot mit Kräutern, in Scheiben geschnitten, auf einem Holzbrett Preparing heatly Oatmeal cookie balls with Almonds in the hand (Flip 2019) Top view of Peanut butter Almonds Coconut Chia Seeds and Dates (Flip 2019) Ein Stück gebratener Speck auf einer Gabel, in der Nahaufnahme Pretzels with beer background (Flip 2019) Pretzel sticks on white wood background (Flip 2019) Cashewnüsse, Rosinen und Mandeln in Glasschalen auf einem Holztisch Cashews, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts-salted roasted nuts Women's hands lay pieces of peaches on the dough. Cooking peach pie Energy mix with raisins hazelnuts cashew and brazilian nuts above black background (Flip 2019) Hamburger with Tomato Lettuce and Sauce above white background (Flip 2019) (Flip 2019) Antioxidant Cereal Bar with Orange on the kitchen table View from above - the Swiss roll, coffee with cream and chocolate Prosciutto on linen cloth Fresh chocolate muffin with chocolate chips and powdered sugar Appetizing dietary fish sticks on a green tablecloth with lemons Burdock's Party Crackers Ali 14 Ali 10 Takenoko no Sato Pork floss bun AUD2.40, spicy beef bun AUD2.30 - BreadTop Melbourne Central Red Velvet Star Cookies Crisp Chocolate Brownie Biscuits Chicken Breasts in Chilli sauce on the black square plate Slow Cooker Desserts pineapple upside down cake pumpkin pecan bread pudding baked apples berry cobbler 20. Social Media Snack - von @suppechaschper und @wuerzmeister 20. Social Media Snack matcha shortbread A quick snack at Norwich
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