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Balmoral Hotel at night 01

Balmoral Hotel at night 01

The huge edifice of the Balmoral Hotel, a major landmark which sits at the east end of Princes Street, right above the large Waverley train station in the valley below which lies between the New Town and Old Town, taken at the tail end of Blue Hour.

Completed in 1905 as the North British Hotel for the well-heeled voyager in the era of glamorous travel, the 58 metre high clock tower is an iconic Edinburgh landmark, with the clock traditionally being set three minutes fast, to encourage people to hurry to catch their trains in the station below.

It has played host to many famous and important people over the years, from Laurel and Hardy to J K Rowling, who famously finished her final Harry Potter novel in a suite in the hotel, quite a change from how she started the books as an unknown writer with no money, sitting in the city's cafes as it was cheaper than running the heating at home! I was treated to dinner in the restaurant there recently, and was amused to notice that the menu was in English on one side, French on the other - since the English language side contains numerous French-named dishes (as you'd expect in that sort of place) I was hugely amused to see it replicated again on the French side of the menu...

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Photo prise @ Edinburgh le 4 octobre 2018 (© byronv2 / Flickr)

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