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View from hotel Sunset Aug 29, 2019 Equinox Tower -  Hudson Yards, New York City One Blackfriars Sunrise Panoramic of Downtown Austin Midtown - 10th Avenue, New York City DSC_7845 modern architecture - Manchester (Temporarily Known As) Vessel - New York City The day after London Skyline Stars & Stripes - E42nd street, New York City Miami by Night Downtown Austin Buildings at Sunrise (Black and White) 琶洲CBD Into the Vessel (sunset) - New York City Gardens by the Bay in Singapore Fort Wayne - Indiana - Allen County Courthouse    Courthouse  Dome  . City Skyline Pittsburgh on the Danube to Vienna Vessel (TKA) - Hudson Yards, New York City View West - Hudson Yards, New York City To the sky - hudson Yards, New York City Golden Morning _DS21020 - Porto blue hour Look up - Hudson Yards, New York City Chelsea sky - New York City Midtown West emerging - New York City _DSC6954 - Rabelo boats of Porto Standing strong for over 1800 years
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