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Video clip: Arthur Lake, Penny Singleton, Sid Caesar A Chilean Eagle attacking a radio-controlled 'rabbit' at the Weald and Downland Museum Day Four Knoll Lane, Singleton, Ashford, Kent Singleton centre Singleton Barn public house Singleton Manor frozen moat Garden barbecue Day Three Mount Royal - rainforest thicket Mount Royal Temperate Rainforest Lurgashall Watermill in Action Lurgashall Watermill in Action IMG_0912 IMG_0909 IMG_0896 biblio 2009 031 biblio 2009 028 neutra singleton6 neutra singleton7 Singleton Exhibition Pavillion Wife Carrying Course Singleton Showground Grand Stand Finnish Dancers Finnish Dancers Finnish Dancers Fun for the kids Wife Carrying Arena Singleton Exhibition Pavillion Utes on Parade
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 sussex, museum, weald, park, downland, swansea, england, uk, chichester, wales
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