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Cold March Marsh Tree in Yellow Beach impression Beach impression Beach impression My pink lady taking in the turquoise vista A dreamy Maldives island spotted on the seaplane transfer to Reethi Beach A Simple Smile RAL skirt RAL seersucker skirt Stitching bias to right side of skirt hem Big Sky 1372 Street Bad Ass Chevrolet Truck (Asheville, North Carolina) Anything for a Picture Bikes On The Barn Sunset impression on Reethi Beach Beach impression Some unusual water bungalows on Reethi Beach Detail of finished, edge stitched bias Bias sewn and pressed Detail of stitching inside hem Bias before being pinned and stitched.  This is exactly what it looks like when finished too. Hem and bias pinned on before stitching Detail of bias pinned over skirt hem Bias created and pressed St Savvas, Pafos Reflected Building Detail Lines and Shadows Laughing Cat 1957 FORD Fairlane 500 Skyliner
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