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A short while with juvenile hedgehogs Juvenile hedgehogs have a little fight European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) Hedgehog Hedgehog and squirrel Hedgehog and squirrel Hedgehog and squirrel Juvenile squirrels swift reaction to hedgehog Squirrel and magpies Hedgehogs, squirrel and magpie landing in sunlight Squirrel and hedgehog: we act in slow motion Squirrel and hedgehog: eating and scratching Hedgehogs so close you can hear their spikes If you were a squirrel this is what you might see Hedgehogs: Cameraman you are so spiked Riccio Riccio Harri Halmejärvi Hedgehogger Juvenile hedgehogs have a short round Hedgehog (nightlight) Hedgehogs Hedgehogs Hedgehogs: A little fight between meal Squirrel, hedgehog and magpies Hedgehogs fighting and drinking and squirrel just eating all the time Hedgehog scratching in slow motion Hedgehog: How spikes work Hedgehogs interacting and scratching Hedgehog: Scratching as seen from ground level
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