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"Queen Urduja's" escort ride

All the way ang support ng Government of Pangasinan kay Gwendoline. :)

Company/Owner: I <3 PangASINan (Provincial Government of Pangasinan)
Fleet/Bus Number: P-06
Classification: Air-conditioned Government Shuttle Bus
Coachbuilder: (Yangzhou) Yaxing Motor Coach Company, Ltd./(Yangzhou) Asiastar Bus Company, Ltd.
Body Model: Yaxing Asiastar Wertstar YBL6855H
Engine Model: TBD
Chassis Model: Asiastar YBL6856HD (LJSKA6G***)
Transmission: 6-speed Manual Transmission
Suspension: Leaf Spring Suspension
Seating Configuration: 2×2
Seating Capacity: 39
Case Number: N/A
Franchise route: N/A

Route: N/A (Shuttle Bus)
Municipalities/cites passing: N/A
Type of Operation: Government-owned Private/Non-Public Utility Bus (Shuttle Service)
Area of Operation: N/A (Service Use)
Shot Location: In front of APT Studios, Highway 59 (Marilaque Highway), Cainta, Rizal
Date Taken: October 5, 2019

Thanks and photo credits to Tonyang Villaflores for this pic.

*Disclaimer: Photo credits to the owner of this pic. This picture is not mine and I ask to the owner for his/her permission in order to upload this picture.
**If I have mistakes on the specifications, please comment so that I can edit it immediately.
***The specifications and routes (for provincial, inter-provincial, and city operation) mentioned above are subjected for verification and may be changed without prior notice.
****Don't use their plate number, conduction sticker, and vehicle tag as an evidence for any incident and to prevent any conflict with the photographer, the bus company and/or to the car owner. And, I have taken this photo for bus fanatics, bus enthusiasts, and bus lovers purposes.

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Photo taken on 5 October 2019 (© Takiollyshiaranghae_1248 / Flickr)

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