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Discovery Engines

Space Shuttle Discovery

Space Shuttle Discovery

Tender Back to Liberty Of The Seas

Sienar Fleet Systems Ypsilon-class Y-4 Viper

Sienar Fleet Systems Ypsilon-class Y-4 Viper

Cozumel ~ Mexico

"Oscar Wilde" Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-BKA Boeing 737-8 MAX cn/42832-7040 stored @ LPPT / LIS 07-02-2019

Routemaster Bus shuttling people between the two pits


"Queen Urduja's" escort ride

Visitor Tanker Shuttle

Space Shuttle

Discovery Space Shuttle Panoramic

"Georg Brandes" Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-DYJ Boeing 737-8JP Winglets cn/39045-3530 tfd EI-FHR Norwegian Air International 22 Nov 2015 @ LFMN / NCE 01-10-2013

Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NOL Boeing 737-8Q8 Winglets cn/37159-2868 painted in "6000th B737" special colours wfu 10 Feb 2017 @ LFMN / NCE 26-05-2014

Proper job!

Longhorns and Space Shuttle, Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas, USA

"Jørn Utzon" Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-DYU Boeing 737-8JP Winglets cn/39008-3725 Painted in "Wireless internet on board" special colours @ LFMN / NCE 24-09-2013

"Johan Falkberget" Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NGK Boeing 737-8JP Winglets cn/39022-4528 Tfd EI-GBF Norwegian Air International 27 Avril 2017 @ Orly Airport LFPO / ORY 17-05-2015

"Geirr Tveitt" Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NGB Boeing 737-8JP Winglets cn/39015-4090 @ LEBL / BCN 07-11-2016

2000 Honda Shuttle

2000 Honda Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle LN-NGZ Boeing 737-8JP Winglets cn/41127-5013 @ EGKK / LGW 28-05-2018

Grand Canyon National Park

1142 610-5 ÖBB Wels Hbf 31.05.19




Melbourne SkyBus double decker at the Southern Cross Station interchange

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