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Chosen school clothes

Chosen school clothes

The Netherlands look to be so relaxed over school clothes.
In England, had I been able to put up with the constant teasing, jodhpurs and riding boots would have been the first choice, followed by dungarees and tall wellingtons in second place.
At the age of 11 when I wore my fully length riding boots under my long trousers for a for a short period whilst my shoes were sent for repair. The headmaster told me to wear my trousers inside my boots to make me look smarter, the rest of the class could not work it out why I was never punished over the matter. The headmaster was having a bit of a joke.
My school report: "Philip had not shown any unusual behaviour, although he is the only coloured boy in the school."

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Photo prise le 29 octobre 2018 (© theirhistory / Flickr)

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