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Sharpness test at f/2.8 Sharpness test at f/5.6 Sharpness test without correction at f/2.8 Sharpness test without correction at f/5.6 Cracked concrete floor with stain Sharpness Abstract metal tube interior Old board fence with moss Recycled fabric-like plastic texture Dirty fitted carpet Dirty diamond plate texture rubber flooring Acoustic guitar cover with strings The 50 greats for the piano torned Striped yellow brown guitar strap Printed black fabric white text Christmas snowstorm decoration Television box at the trolley The red door locker room Beer glass bokeh Beer glass bokeh Beer stare bokeh Tea for the night Dog of the night Curious dog of the night Book of the night Dog of the night Eye of the beholder Very interested person Interesting wallet on the coaster Tamron 20mm 2.8 - corrected at f/2.8
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 gloucestershire, macro, dof, bokeh, canal, sharp, nikon, severn, portrait, canon
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