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Just before the worship service begins, Buddhist temple northbound on the Hokuriku line, passing Mt. Monju at Sabae window light from the south, November 2017 kannon-bosatsu, 2017 Nov 15 noon, JR Kaga-onsen river grab-shot from train window, Kuzuryu River collecting treats for kids - national initiative at many temples the crest of the feudal lord, Lord Honda chanted processing at the center of the worship hall changing colors of the fall leaves - cherry on river levee afternoon, between rain showers, 2017 nov-14, zenkouji-dori indifferent afternoon light at Narita airfield, ANA arrivals Approaching Kaga Onsen 2017-11-15 noon Crucifix on red rooftop, JR Hokuriku line, northbound 2017 Nov. 12_1657 dusk panorama 270 degrees 2017 Nov. 12 at 5 pm, commuters going home functional design with business below, living space above dusk backyard 2017 Nov. 12 Buddhist temple parked bikes on November 12 at the convenience store starter course at Kato's restaurant Towering statue at Kaga-onsen, 2017-11-15 noon late afternoon light 14 November 2017 between showers rail travel near Sabae-city with Monju-san framed Nearing JR Fukui, northbound on 2017-11-15 at noon coffee 5 miles high, 2017 Nov. 15 dump truck, model 930 -2017 Nov. 15 at Komatsu-city orchids far from home(land) 2017 Nov. 15, KMQ boarding area shopping on Nov. 15, duty free & conveniences, KMQ the traveling public - departing for ORD whale shark jet, November 15 at KMQ damage, 2017 Oct. 30, recent typhoon-toppling of trees
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