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Shaki Waterfall Shaki Waterfall Shaki Waterfall Shaki Waterfall AzerbaijanSheki013 AzerbaijanSheki021 AzerbaijanSheki030 Video- the blacksmith and his assistant hard at work The church is now used as a museum Though not longer a Caravansarai, it's still an impressive pit stop for travelers A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame Another look inside the gift shop at the Sheki Caravansarai A sign about something interesting discovered in the church foundations 4000- 3000 BC objects found at the site A traditional Sheki 'halva' (fudge) stall in the market The son of the aubergine stall lady was very amused as well! Another truck has disgorged it's load of cabbage, other vegetables and foodgrain The road curves sharply to the left Signage for the ancient hammam/ bath house AzerbaijanSheki029 AzerbaijanSheki028 Orgues basaltiques, Shaki, Arménie This museum near the Khansarai was once an Albanian  church Interior of the Church of Kish, the oldest in that area Red hot chilly peppers My guide was apprehensive that someone might object to my snapping away esp. at the people The bakery across the street was a lot more busy The other end- people actually use these crude steps to walk further onward to their village The car from Iran- I did not even see the lady sitting on the front seat Stately main entrance to the palace- pity about the no photography rule
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