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The church is now used as a museum A Chinese tourist eyes me suspiciously as I try to get her into the frame Another look inside the gift shop at the Sheki Caravansarai Interior of the Church of Kish, the oldest in that area A sign about something interesting discovered in the church foundations I was really fascinated by those prehistoric skeletons! The road curves sharply to the left We have reached the ancient village of Lahic Saffron, fresh herbs and condiments for sale in Lahic P6210756 Shaki Waterfall Shaki Waterfall Shaki Waterfall AzerbaijanSheki013 AzerbaijanSheki021 AzerbaijanSheki029 Orgues basaltiques, Shaki, Arménie Video- the blacksmith and his assistant hard at work Though super colourful, these bags may probably be too colourful to carry around A last look at the Church of Kish- getting here was a real torture Red hot chilly peppers Walking through the ancient veg market in Sheki Mothers out with their children in the Sheki historic market My guide was apprehensive that someone might object to my snapping away esp. at the people A traditional Sheki 'halva' (fudge) stall in the market A samovar for tea on the road to Lahic village near Ismailli The other end- people actually use these crude steps to walk further onward to their village Blacksmith with assistant- it's hard, tedious work The building looks in fairly good shape for it's age At the Shaki waterfall
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