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Brave? Or Grumpy? Menu card at Frankie & Benny's Organic lines Lovely silky bloom at sunset Sunshine over Grassland Christmas decoration@Holiday Inn Christmas tree at my Gym Humour at office cafe Happy rose Misty station Train in a misty station Silhouette  and in a prayer Minding ones own business Inspiration via a temple dome Happy Halloween Sunset in temple grounds Golden coloured steps leading into a temple Cheese & Mushroom Food in a boat - Penne Arrabiata Penne Arrabiata 1 Cactus, 2 cactus and 3 Cactus Cactus balls in a wooden crate Cactus in a wooden crate Bright yellow Lights in a wine Guilty Pleasure with a face A view of Hounslow Dreamily lost Yellow bloom A lonely rose
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