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Safety is important Spooky Cobweb Leaf upon a leaf A sign at Hounslow Eat well & prosper - an omnious sign Stonehenge - mystical structures Two leaves & the web Grumpy@Stonehenge Stones at Stonehenge Glowing in the sun Basking in sunlight Mandarin Ducks - putting up a show Mandarin duck - I am scary Eh? Do I look that nice? Mandarin duck flock at Twickenham Frontal View - model of a 5000 year old straw hut Model of a 5000 year old straw hut Dwelling some 5000 years old Leaves as in wings spreadout out Pathway into brighness Sunlit tree canopy Salisbury Cathedral covered by wintering trees Magnificient Building Golden sunset at Kew Bridge Sun dial and shadows Ancient naturalist statue Polite notice Moving parts Cobweb Castle Cobweb citadel
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