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An owl in flight A lamp at Cafe Concerto 2019 London New Year - Fiery blaze and glowing beauty 2019 London New Year - Cryptic writing Warwick Castle - a view and perspective London 2019 NY - Riot of fire and light 2019 London NY - Wheel of fire London 2019 NY Fireworks 2019 London New Year Fireworks Food and festive lights Gooseberries Abstract animal Tail of blazing fire Festival of Lights Gymnastics on a digger Lady & her secret agent Hounslow street performance Street Dance Street Dance Hounslow Treaty Centre lit up RAF C-17 Transport Plane A train of weights for the training Trains under the bridge Squaking along Barnes lit up over the Thames Archirecture of a Bridge over the waters A brige with tracks over water Decorations@Hounslow Treaty Centre Christmas Lights Christmas tree roundels
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