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Christmas decoration at Cineworld Pink decoration on a Christmas  tree Curvy wings and Christmas lights Curvy escalator handle Who are you? Asleep without a care in the world Golden light through a window Sunset in Blackpool North Pier Blackpool North Pier at dusk Sunset over the Irish Sea View of the coast from Bournemouth pier Pillar from a temple ruin submerged Pure and radiant fern Pine cones on a beach Fern in a sunshine Sea and the rock Branches with fruits Unripe fruits on a tree Penguin in contemplation Majestic queen and her admirers What did you find? Black face, white body. Who am I? High ledge occupants Fern in Sunshine Hike surrounded by beauty A mansion in the midst of beauty A bird on a beach Gull and kids Almost there at Man O'War bay Frodo on a hill
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