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Endeavour "4D" 1/72 semi-transparent model kit DSC_0844


Here's the lovely "4D" transparent skinned 1/72 scale STS Orbiter, very useful parked next to a 1:1 real one, so you can look at it and imagine what's inside. School bus supplied for scale. The Orbiter is a big hummer! The 4D people also make 747 kits, -100 and -400, with interior structure visible, probably other things as well..
They're nice, but look a bit simple for my taste. Make it like a Tamiya F1 car or like the recent Airfix B-17, etc, and I'd be first in line!

I am and remain a big fan of models with interior detail, as long as the interior is reasonably well turned out. I loved the Renwal 1/200 Polaris submarine. My dad built one for me when I was in 1st grade. There was a "big" coffee urn in the the crew's mess, and cuts of meat hanging from the ceiling in the freezer. I've got a number of other clear exterior kits, to build now that I'm retired, the Monogram 1/48 B-17G, a Dale Earnhardt NASCAR Chevy, Tamiya Porsche 993 GT1 and Ferrari 2000 F1.

I built the Monogram, non-cutaway non-transparent skin 1/72 Space Shuttle kit, I painted the silicone rubber seals around the edges of the main windscreen, made the cockpit a symphony of gray, black, red, yellow and white, had the black tiles, gray carbon-carbon composite, glossy and flat whites all in the right places, no fingerprints, but reversed the tones of the glossy and flat whites - one should have been warm, one cool, and the paints I used came out opposite. It wouldn't let me be. I ended up persuading my friend Ted to take it to Hawaii and hang it up in his science classroom (he teaches high school science). Maybe I'll make another in 1/144...

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Photo taken @ Los Angeles on 10 October 2018 (© wbaiv / Flickr)

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