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Semi-transparent Photos

20090920_04 Eurasian collared dove (Streptopelia decaocto) brooding giant alien egg in Antibes, France certain circles 2009_12_28_0460 2009_12_28_0456 2009_12_28_0454 2009_12_28_0449 2009_12_28_0448 2009_12_28_0444 2009_12_28_0441 Paulina not quite split in two Tom almost behind a fence Tom practically behind a street sign Paulina more or less in a staircase Inner light rhododendron Analog Through the Rain Semitransparent Address Leaves and Street Lamp Windows of the world Something flexible IMG_1425-2 289 Fan Blade Partial See-Through Object Language betacam surveillance Shower Light
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