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22b - 1948 Tucker Sedan (E)

22b - 1948 Tucker Sedan (E)

On June 16, 2013, the City of Beverly Hills held it's annual Concours D'Elegance on Rodeo Drive. As usual, it didn't dissapoint! We saw vehicles we'll only see once in our lifetime.

Among the most interesting were the two turbine engined vehicles. One was a 1963 Chrysler Turbine, bodied by Ghia, and driven off by Jay Leno (one of three in private hands Mr. Leno owns this magnificient car). The other was the 1955 Chrysler-Ghia "Gilda" Streamline X Coupe. It was amazing to hear these cars run!

If you've never been to the BH Concours D'Elegance, you should put it on your bucket list!

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Photo taken @ Beverly Hills on 16 June 2013 (© Kansas Sebastian / Flickr)

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