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Flat lay above Fried Chicken Meat and French Fries Yellow Koi fish sticking head out of the water Flat lay above Sardines Fish in tomato sauce Sardines Fish in tomato sauce with Olives Sardines Fish in tomato sauce Flat lay above Meatball with melting cheese on the white plate 美食攝影 Marinated sprat spicy salted Salted fish marinated with spices and herbs Sliced salted herring with lemon and onion. Top view. Healthy food Pieces of salted herring with onion rings and lemon slices on a black stone tray Herring fillet with onion and lemon on black stone. Top view Marinated fish fillet with onion and lemon pieces Salted herring with onion slices and lemon slices Baked delicious Pork Knuckle isolated above white background Cold Weather Supper Huge Tasty and healthy homemade ham slices Sliced homemade ham on black stone background Meat balls with vegetables under red sauce served on white spoons Herring with sliced onion and lemon on white ceramic plate Herring marinated fillet with onion and lemon Sliced pieces of pickled herring Fried shrimp at the Lazy Flamingo, Sanibel, FL These are a few of my favorite things ―scallops, carrots & “pot roast”  🍖 Canape with with smoked sprats and brown bread on plate Sprat canape with brown bread on black background Koi fish reaching out for food Want crabs? 美食攝影
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