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Sliced fried Ham served on the plate (Flip 2019) Raw fish mixed with vinegar and vegetables (Flip 2019) Zwei gebackene Forellen auf einem grauen Teller Meat rolls with dried apricots, vegetables, baked sliced meat and fresh herbs (Flip 2019) Gebratenes Hühnerfleisch mit Tomatensauce auf einem Teller Nahaufnahme zeigt ein Stück Hechtfisch, roh, neben halbierten Zitronenscheiben A top view of a plate of Maki rolls and pickled pink ginger (Flip 2019) Nahaufnahme einer farbenfrohen Sushiplatte Salted herring with onion rings and lemon circles Supporting International Trade Krabi Spicy Seafood Marinara Pasta Calamares a la Romana at Tap East, Stratford, London E20 Amuse-bouche with parsnip cream, salmon roe and parsnip ribbons Guy's Poster 20140602-DSC_0563 Crab Quiche Paella Baker County Tourism – basecampbaker.com 40928 Mix & Match Tacos isle of Barra & Uist Ramadhan @ Brolly Ramadhan @ Brolly Red mullet Mmm....tartichevre :P Bright coloured puppets Salmon Sashimi @ Sushi Gone Wild Flying Fish Daylight 46 - Meeresfrüchte-Paella / Seafood paella - Serviert Red Lobsters 2011
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