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Worn limpets in the shade and sun DSCI0143_bea_bea DSCI0146_bea_bea Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) Dendronephthya australis polyps Jellyfish Sydney Cardinalfish with eggs Blotched hawkfish - Cirrhitichthys aprinus Pseudolabrus biserialis Male and Female Red-banded Wrasse P6170541_bea Half banded sea perch Hypoplectrodes maccullochi That's not a sponge... THAT's a sponge!! #marineexplorer Black urchins Centrostephanus rodgersi Looking in bullseye cave The colour is real - Ascidians and sponges #marineexplorer Monacanthus chinensis - Fan-belly leatherjacket Sea tulips - Pyura gibbosa Hypselodoris tryoni + Zenopontonia rex (Emporer shrimps) IMG_5250 Swimmers at Bacalar Pink sponge on a bed of Erythropodium hicksoni Giant Clam Details Field of fat sea pens - Cavernularia obesa #marineexplorer Velvetfish - Aploactisoma milesii #marineexplorer Jorunna nudibranch Sergeant baker - Aulopus purpurissatus Dentex Coralblenny - Ecsenius dentex Pencilled surgeonfish - Acanthurus dussumieri Yu Diving at Knutsford Leisure Centre Pufferfish Eye Flatworm
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