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Elaine Scruggs Reece Scruggs Earl Scruggs 1924 -- 2012 ♪ ♫ Come and listen to a story ’bout a man named Jed ♫ ♪ waiting their turn Goking Dairy misfire the cats Hong and Kiki A Little Tipsy Showing Some Skin Checker Championship IMG_5180 Little Monkeys IMG_5132 IMG_5108 IMG_5102 IMG_5092 IMG_4592 Grant and Suzi Mama Kiki IMG_4350 Down to the Park IMG_4336 IMG_4332 The Music Man Kishias and Vodka Don't Mix Bearded Grandma Papa Grant Trouble Maker Drunk Kishia
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 bluegrass, earl, hardly, strictly, music, festival, banjo
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